When I was asked to write an article about Christmas, I heard my Great Teacher, Ramtha, say ‘It is Christ-in-mass’, which immediately reminded me of what makes this time so magical. It is a symbol of the truth that we are divine. As a student of the Ramtha School of Enlightenment for
the past 20 years, I give credit to Ramtha for my knowledge and understanding, and share with you a brief excerpt of his teaching on Christmas, which changed how I experience it forever. The high holidays, as it were, the highest in your land at this time of change, is called Christmas. But using that which is termed your language, the word Christmas means Christ-inmass – Christ-in-mass. Now Christ-in-mass is that miniature God that is finally exposed in
man himself or in woman herself. Why then is there a celebration of such an important event? And all of the people in the world do not realise its significance. It is very important that you have such a high holiday. It is very important that you have it, that you participate in it. But, moreover, it is important for you to understand the history, the knowledge, behind the high holiday Christmas. I have taught you involution, that which is termed the soul and Spirit caught up in a garment, a body, of which not only does it express through that body but evolves that which is termed the body and passes on its experience unto the next generation and then sets for itself, in generations yet unborn, garments to be worn at another time upon this time frame. I have taught you then about evolution and the mystery of the soul, the mystery of God-in-mass. Then what is the purpose of Christmas? It is to remind one and all of the deification of matter. That means to deify mass. Deify mass means to make it God, to take it from its lowest principle back up to its highest principle. And one who has the ability to wield such a power is called a Christ. And they who exhibit themselves in that which is termed mass, they are called the sons and daughters of the living God, and that sons and daughters refer only to that which is termed the genders of garments. So now Christmas is to remember long, long ago a truth written in the Book of Involution that comes down unto this lowest level, to this school 7 of matter, to that which is termed this plane of demonstration, to the battleground of truth. To have come here is written in your soul. Christ means God/man, God/woman realised. That means the deification of matter because man is matter. And it is the God in him that makes him holy, that makes him divine, that lifts him above the realm of matter, and in turn changes matter and takes it back from whence it came. Now why is this important? It is important because the world does lie slumbering in its ignorance and its superstition. And it does not realise the value of the high holiday and what it is to impart to those who participate in its Spirit. Christ-in-mass is the power that will resurrect matter from its death to its point of everlasting life. And here is how it is symbolised. It is symbolised in the great evergreen tree. Now the master is symbolised in the oak. And the oak lives centuries. And the oak, with that which is termed its sturdy and deep trunk, is like a master who is revealing his soul. And the tree represents the master. But still in every winter the oak must lose its leaves and its fruit. And it must recoil from life and dream the dream of that which is termed its fervent spring.
When the oak finally has dreamed its last dream, then the tree that has lived for four centuries finally perishes, for it is all that it can be in this form. But when it has lived for four centuries, and it has borne that which is termed new leaves and fruit and nut for every year of its life, it has righteously evolved. And when it lays down its life, it is born again as the evergreen who loses not that which is termed its leaves, but it is evergreen. It symbolises the Christ in nature.
Ramtha Bring joy, feel joy, be joy, for the spirit of Christmas is joy! ‘Oh, come all ye faithful / Joyful and triumphant’ has a new meaning now, doesn’t it? Allow yourself to be humble like the base of the tree. Be true, honest and open. Take stock with love, forgive yourself and be filled with gratitude. Let us be present in decorating our space, bring the meaning back, and share the true spirit of Christmas. Remember that the divine spark is in all of us. Express the God within you freely, through your actions, words and deeds, and love life with respect. Perhaps the
next time you sit in meditation, observe yourself as that tree.

Marisa da Fonseca Wollheim is a holistic entrepreneur, life mentor and student of the Ramtha School of Enlightenment.
Ramtha excerpt from “The Ritual of Christ”
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