From the moment we incarnate on this planet, our souls start the search for the way home, leading us along the highways of religion and the byways of philosophies, exposing us to many teachings, writings and beliefs. Now, as many people are reeling from the uncertainties and stressors stimulated by financial, political and health challenges, the search for credible information is becoming more urgent, more compelling. It is for this reason, and in response to guidance from the Christ Consciousness, that we have launched Icaros. Icaros provides readers with spiritual, non-denominational content intended to inspire, teach and awaken a hunger to look further and dig deeper to find information and inspiration that resonate on a personal level. Our bi-monthly issues will cover a range of spiritual disciplines and thought-provoking teachings for people from all walks of life. As a place through which Spirit may work, we have made Icaros available to readers at no cost. This way we hope to reach anyone who is searching for spiritual guidance, seeking answers to age-old questions, developing their own spiritual path, or simply needing a reason for their soul to sing. Thank you for joining us on what promises to be an exciting, uplifting and joyful journey.

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